Blake McRae

With more than 15 years of experience in construction project management, Blake McRae joined Stafford in …Read More

Teighlor Carroll

After more than six years in residential property management, Teighlor joined Stafford in 2020 as an …Read More

Meghan McNearney

Meghan McNearney started working for Stafford in a freelance capacity in 2020 and officially joined the …Read More

Chase Grogan

Chase Grogan has worked at Stafford since 2018, and currently serves as General Manager of the …Read More

Joey Hancock

Joey Hancock has worked with Stafford since 1993, serving as the Facility Manager for the Foods …Read More

Carol Dubrovin

Carol Dubrovin joined Stafford in 2016 and is the Assistant Property Manager supporting a portfolio that …Read More