Stafford Hospitality, Inc. was incorporated on October 16, 2000, for the purpose of managing motels owned by Stafford. Since inception Stafford has developed, acquired and disposed of over 1,000 rooms associated with Hilton, IHG, Wyndham, Choice and Best Western in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

DeNean Stafford, Jr.’s wife, Boo, contributed to the success of Stafford Hospitality, as a long-time hostess at the family’s Holiday Inn in Tifton, Georgia. In 2003, Gene Rhodes, guest/author wrote in an article about his visit to the hotel, “If you have never been there (Holiday Inn-Tifton), then you should go and go soon because one of Georgia’s protected species that is on its endangered list…a local and state treasure…is there: Boo Stafford! This lady of some 85 years – erect in stature, gracious on meeting, sharp and entertaining in conversation, beautiful to the eye, a model in wearing apparel, the co-owner for 39 years – will put a smile on your face and etch a memory in your mind.”