Kathleen Moore Director of Hospitality Operations

Kathleen Moore has worked at Stafford since 2001, and currently serves as Director of Hospitality Operations. During her tenure at Stafford, she has also served as a hotel general manager and regional director. In 2011, Kathleen was named Hilton Garden Inn’s Regional General Manager of the Year, while managing the number two Hilton Garden Inn worldwide. Prior to joining Stafford, Kathleen worked at the historic Belleview Biltmore hotel in Clearwater, FL.

Kathleen holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Aberdeen College of Education, and is the Chairperson of the Tifton Tourism Board and Treasurer of the Tift Area Hotel Association. Born and educated in Scotland, today Kathleen and her daughter live in Tifton, where they are members of the First Presbyterian Church of Tifton. Kathleen enjoys literature, theater, arts, traveling and playing golf with her daughter.