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Keys to Successful Management of Commerical Real Estate by Craig Caldwell

What sets management and leasing companies apart from one another? Experience, size of the portfolio, size of the company, diversity of managed assets?  What truly sets a company apart from the others is a combination of many factors, but certainly, the top factor is a company’s management philosophy.  At Stafford, we pride ourselves in rising above the status quo and are committed to continually and consistently looking for opportunities to maximize value for our clients.

Management certainly isn’t rocket science, but there is nothing elementary about it either. At Stafford, we focus on the LEEP approach with every property we manage.

“Lean” operations to keep expenses in check. Lean doesn’t mean skimping on necessities or using the least expensive vendor bids, but rather constantly rebidding services/contracts, avoiding wasteful spending and administering leases properly, so the Landlord isn’t taking on expenses that aren’t their responsibility.

Effective marketing plans to recruit and maintain tenants. Extensive market research and the ability to leverage key relationships within the brokerage world allows our leasing team to create a tenant mix that is poised for success.  This results in less turnover, higher percentage rents, and a shopping experience the community will support day after day, year after year.

“Efficient” management teams. A management team that runs like a well-oiled machine is one that has the policies and procedures in place to keep maintenance issues and liability risks to a minimum.  Stafford employs a frequent visitation schedule at all properties and completes comprehensive site inspections to ensure maintenance issues are quickly resolved before becoming a liability hazard or a more costly repair.  Deferred maintenance will always be more expensive in the long run. At Stafford, we believe a proactive management approach is a key to saving money and maintaining your asset’s value.

“Profitable” centers with top-notch financial reporting. To truly know if your center is profitable, you’ve also got to trust the numbers provided to you. Stafford provides our clients with the boutique personalized touch, but institutional grade accounting and financial reporting.

Stafford Properties has been a staple in the Commercial Real Estate industry for over 50 years developing build-to-suits, hotels, retail centers, and Class A office. Stafford provides development, leasing, and management services throughout the Southeast with a mission to Improve people’s lives and the communities where they live.

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